S/y Fanfan, with her Polish skipper Cpt.Asia Pajkowska is about to start her trip on 5th of September, from Gdynia, Poland. Cpt. Asia’s project is, to do the solo non-stop circumnavigation, onboard of Fanfan. Start to the solo trip will take place in the mid-September from Plymouth, UK. The route will go Eastward, around the 3 caps: Good Hope, Leeuvin, and Horn, and back to Plymouth. According to the plan, the trip should take 200 -220 days.

S/y Fanfan is a 40-ft aluminium boat, built in 1985, and she already did the solo circumnavigation with Uwe Röttgering, in 2001-2003.

Now, Fanfan (port of registry Berlin), stays in Gdansk, Poland, and is being prepared for the solo circumnavigation – including installation of the 2nd autopilot and a hydrogenerator. In the meantime Fanfan is taking part in several short trips and races on the Baltic Sea, and, while staying in Baltic marinas, she is very well recognized by German and Polish sailors.

Cpt.Asia Pajkowska had already did a solo circumnavigation in 2008-2009 onboard a 28ft MantraASIA, on a route from Panama, Westward and back to Panama. The plan was for a non-strop trip, however, in a very heavy storm next to Cape Good Hope she decided to take shelter in Port Elisabeth, RSA. Cpt. Pajkowska had already twice took part in the solo transatlantic race OSTAR (Plymouth, UK – Newport, RI, USA), onboard of different yachts, while Cpt. Uwe Röttgering, onboard of Fanfan did the OSTAR race in 2009. In 2017 Asia and Uwe won the famous two-handed transatlantic race TWOSTAR (Plymouth, UK – Newport,USA), onboard of another 40ft yacht Rote 66. For that achievement, they won the most prestigous Polish yachting award, the Trip of the Year and the Sailor of the Year.

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