Asia and Fanfan are now sailing on the Southern Ocean. On the 20.Nov. at.23:34, they passed Cape Agulhas, at a distance of 300 nm (Lat. S 40°03’40.3380″). By a chance, the longitude of Cape Agulhas is the same, as the longitude of our house in Poland! The weather was OK and, fortunatelly, there’re no major problems onbord – thanX perhaps to God Neptune, who loves Asia – so everyone is now asked to have a drink to the good God Neptune, so He continous His support for Asia and Fanfan and their trip!

Now Fafan continous Eastward, at the Latitude approx. of S 40 – 41.

The picture of Cape Good Hope was taken on Jan. 2007, during another Asia’s trip, onboard s/y MantraASIA.

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