After traversing Cape Good Hope and Cape Agulhas few days ago, Fanfan is now sailing on the Indian Ocean (or Southern Ocean, as it is also called), in the latitude of S 41+. The boat meets different weather conditions while sailing in the „Roaring Forties”: from a storm of 49kts, to almost no wind at all. And, showers.

Thanks to the Predictwind weather forecast, Asia keeps planning the trip in such a way as to avoid, if possible, the worst. Only recently, she has slowed down the boat in order to allow a 55+kts storm to pass before she would reach that area.

And, apart from the tough job of sailing in the Southern Ocean, there’re moments of joy – today, meeting a humpback whale just 20 meters in front of the boat, or – couple of days before – albatrosses.

(The picture of the humpback’s tail, similar to the one seen by Asia, is taken from Wikipedia)

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