Cape Leeuwin left behind! „Yes!! Cape Leeuwin Goodbye! It took 88 days and 10 hrs! Log 12102nm” – Asia wrote last night. It’s been the second out of the three famous caps on the route. And later: „Today, good and fast sailing, however the next Low is comming. I’ve been watching it for the past few days, so I’ve decided to sail a bit more to N, the wind there should be around 30-35kts, and not 45+. In fact, it’s been quite natural, with the winds from the aft, that one has to take tacks either a bit to N, or to S. Now, it’s better to go Northward. Tomorrow the Low should move, and we will sail more to S. And the next land to pass is Tasmania, longitude 147E, I hope to pass it this year still!”.

Asia, following the weather forecasts, keeps sailing in such a way as to avoid both, the Lows (because of heavy weather) and the Highs (because of lack of wind). So far, it works. And the weather – in the Roaring 40s! – seems to be collaborating with Asia!

By the way, Cape Leeuwin was named after the first known ship to have visited the area in 1622, a Dutch vessel named Leeuwin, and in Dutch it means… Lioness!

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