10ºB storm hit Fanfan last night, near Tasmania. Fanfan was sailing with her jib only, with speed of over 10kts. Asia was doing most of the steering by hand.

Asia learnt about the comming Low, so she was trying to escape, however, the Low was moving faster. The weather forecast was 35kts, however, in fact the wind was 49 -54kts, and high seas. Fortunatelly, there was no damage to the boat.

Tassie waters are well known for bad weather, and for quick changes of weather. Only during Xmas, Asia experienced frequently changing weather conditions, with very little wind sometimes, and 25kts winds and high seas on other times. Now, she’s got rather good weather conditions, 25kts, and the boat is sailing over 10kts, however, the next Low is comming, and Asia is expecting it to hit the boat on Monday.

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