Xmas on Southern Ocean – how does it look like? Asia has just written from aboard Fanfan, on pos. S 42°32’59”, E 125°45’51”, South of Australia :

My Xmas will be a symbolic ones, or rather there will be no Xmas, or very little of it. White Xmas, of course, not at all! No Xmas tree, no presents (I’m afraid, too far for Santa Claus to come…) From the traditional Polish meals on Xmas Eve, there will be wild mushrooms soup, and borsch. As for a fish, canned tuna, or sardines, perhaps. However, I’m aware that in every Polish home there will be a traditional toast: To All Those At Sea! Nice to know that all you will drink to me as well! All the best, Merry Xmas to You all!”

So, let’s drink to All Those At Sea!

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