Asia and Fanfan are approaching the Latitude S 50º (on 16.01. S 49°26’57”), a region known as Howling Fifties, because of the winds there often exceeding 50kts. So far it’s not that bad, yet Asia has had a hard time after a wrong forecast, as she wrote: „I was expecting 4hrs of wind of 25kts, so I didn’t take reefs, I decided I’d steer manually. And I had to steer manually with the wind over 30kts, with full main and high seas! It lasted 3hrs, I can’t feel my left hand now!”

Sand the tremperature – now, it’s 11ºC there, outside – and inside, of course! Asia writes:I feel it’s quite warm here, sometimes, for example, my nose is freezing while asleep […] I keep wearing a good, warm underwear and several levels of different clothes, and I have to wear gloves while reading Kindle […] anyway, I was afraid it would be more freezing!”

Sand, fortunatelly, there are pleasant moments – Southeren Cross on a clear sky, moon – and, albatrosses, beautifull albatrosses Asia love them!

[Pictures of albatrosses taken from Wikipedia]

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