In her solo non-stop circumnavigation Cpt. Pajkowska keeps calculating – following weather forecasts – what to do to avoid the worst of the Southern Pacific.

She keeps zig-zaging, or slowing down the yacht, if necessary. Fanfan had already been at Lat. 52º S (Cape Horn is at 57º S), however, Asia decided to go up North (now, she’s sailing at S 50°). Yet, even with the best navigation and calculation it’s not always possible to escape Lows and storms at open sea. And now, Asia expects to be hit by a strom with gusts of 50+kts on this Wed/Thu. Still she keeps slowing down the yacht, in order for another, even stronger storm to pass on the weekend.

Few days ago, however, they had passed near the Point Nemo (48º 52”S, 123º23” W ) with no accidents. Pt. Nemo is the most remote place on Earth, some 1400nm away from a nearest land, and this is the place where all the man-made cosmic gear (satellites and so on) is being landed and sunk at the end of their life. Another dangerous place!

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