150 days of Fanfan’s and Asia’s trip were completed on 20 Feb., with the log reading 19 900nm. The weather forecast was not a good one, as Asia wrote on that day: „It’s going to be a lot of wind, and from wrong direction. Well, we’ve got accustomed to that. One day, it’ll be warm and nice!”.

After traversing Cape Horn, in the Falklands there were a couple of days of nice wind, and Asia had some time to deal with the mess after the storm, and, fortunatelly, the Raymarine autopilot started to work again, after some reset.

Still, there is some work to be done with the mainsail, after some damages during the past storm. Fortunatelly, it’s better with Asia’s ribs, she changed her painkillers for the ones not so strong.

If one has had hopes for better weather after Horn – now, Asia and Fanfan keep sailing with a strong wind, 40kts, again! Well, they are still saling within the Roaring Forties…

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