On Thu., 14 Feb., Fanfan and Asia eventually traversed the notorious Cape Horn, in heavy storms, with winds of 50kts and high sea battling the boat and the skipper for several days. The worst thing, however, is the fact that autopilot was broken, as Asia writes: „Yesterday at 6PM my autopilot has gone broken, in a wild wave; now I have to steer manually, it’s cold and wet and there are hudge waves”.

After several long hours, another post from Asia: „I just have managed to put at work Mrs Aries, my windvane; to do it in such a weather conditions required a circus-acrobat-like excersise”.

In order to fix a windvane fin on Fanfan, one has to climb outside the stern, stand on the gear and kick the fin into the water.

No information, so far, what’s wrong with the autopilot.

However, there were nice moments as well: Horn on Valentine Day, and the welcomming party of seals.

[The pictures were taken 15 years ago, during our trip to Cape Horn with S/V Zjawa IV]

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