Fanfan keeps comming closer and closer to Equator – however, she is sailing rather slowly: 1,5 – 3 kts, which is normal at that latitudes: S 7°10’00”. It’s also hot, 30º C.

Asia writes that she’s got enough of sailing 3kts in the hot weather: ”I think I’ve became an expert in sailing with no wind (…) I keep trying to sail as fast as possible, working with sails all the time”.

Goose barnacles are not a problem anymore, as they don’t like hot water, neither… fresh water and there is a lot of that where they are now – close to the Amazon River huge flow of fresh water to the Atlantic.

Review of provisions on the boat done by Asia revealed that there is more then enough of both, food and drinkable water, as well as quite a few books to read on Kindle…

And, today, a very nice „welcomming party” of dolphins vistited Fanfan, a very huge party, swimming slowly alongside slowly sailing Fanfan! Some of them were jumping up to 3 meters high, according to Asia!

[The picture – dolphins swimming alongside Fanfan, was taken during Fanfan’s trip Gdynia-Plymouth last September]

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