On the International Women’s Day Asia passed Tropic of Capricorn, now Fanfan is sailing in the Horse Latitudes, which means: very little wind, mostly from „wrong” direction (NW) or even no wind at all, and hot temperatures, + 30ºC, with clear sky, no shade. Asia has to tack, and still the speed is very low. Well, that’s the weather one can expect in the Horse Latitudes, and, of course, Asia cannot do motoring for 300nm.

Taking advantage of calm weather, Asia removed huge barnacles from Fanfan’s bottom, which was not an easy task – and she learnt to her surprise that they are not only edible, but the Galician Goose Barnacles (percebes) are a very expensive and tasty rarity; however, Asia decided not try the specimen…

The nicer part of sailing in that area – arrival of guests: flying fish, and birds.

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