So close to home, one could have thinking it’s an easy way – but not at all! Heavy storm of 10ºB, with winds up to 50kts and a high sea (10meters waves!) hit Fanfan last night, close to The Azores. The deep Low was forecast, however, Asia had no way to avoid it. In the 50kts wind from the aft Fanfan was doing 6kts with no sails at all, the huge waves were hitting the boat, causing constant problems with the autopilot, so all the night Asia was doing a lot of hand steering and constant repairs of the autopilot.

Today in the morning Asia was calling as she’s got the range on her mobile; with no sleep and a lot of work at the high seas she admitted she was very tired.

With the wind changing to NW and, fortunately, easing to 30kts, Asia decided to keep going with the wind, still with no sail and with the speed of 2,5- 3kts, as on this Tuesday afternoon/night the forecast is about the wind easing.

It seems, Asia has just met the heaviest storm in the whole of her voyage!

Nb.: on Tracking Windyty one can find Fanfan’s position, with information regarding speed reading: 0, and COG: 0 – this is because, since the breakdown of the automatic position updates, now the updates are done manually, and those data (speed and COG) are not being filled.

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