Asia and Fanfan keep sailing now on our, Northern hemispere. The prevailed winds are from N and NE, so Asia has to sail with the wind on the nose. It’s not easy, as Asia has written last night: „Not an easy night, either strong wind – or not wind at all, comming from changing directions. And rain. I couldn’t have a sleep.”

Today, Fanfan is about to cross Lat. 18ºN.

So, when back to Plymouth? It seems, the most likely prediction is on or about Easter, though, it’s perhgaps too early to jump, as the Azores High could be on the way… Well. let’s keep fingers crossed and watch the advances of the boat!

And it seems, there are some problems with the menu of Fanfan’s cousine: on one hand, they have daily supplies of fresh fish (see the attached picture) – while on the other hand, both gas cookers stopped working, as Asia writes: „I’m afraid it’s the end of warm meals, tea, coffee. Now, with the warm weather it’s not that bad, however, I’ve got addicted to hot coffee with biscuits… well, I’ve got enough supplies to be eaten with no cooking, so I’m not going to go hungry: cold soup, crackers with pate, cold chick pea from cans…”

Well, it seems it’s time go back home!

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