The Year 2020 – How Was It? There was not much sailing activity, but we did not sit at home admiring our neighbours, mooses (although that too!). The long-planned cruise on the Pacific that bloody Covid made impossible. But in May we went on the water: we delivered 2 catamarans from the shipyard in Szczecin to Germany and to England, and then another catamaran from England to the Netherlands. In July – with extremely hot weathernon the Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic Sea, we sailed from Palermo, around Sicily (Agrigento, Syracuse) and across the Adriatic Sea up to Croatian Istria. And we did some sailing on Masuria Lakes, spending time on the water – and in the air: flying a hang glider and a balloon! And somehow we managed to avoid quarantine!

In the meantime, Asia has been awarded a number of awards for her solo 360 non-stop circumnavigation, including Kolosy (the Colossus), the most important annual Polish award for travelers, sailors and mountaineers.

And Christmas we spent with mooses and a kangaroo … And now, we’re waiting to get vaccinated!


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