Cpt.Asia Pajkowska has just begun her solo non-stop circumnavigation trip on 23th of September, from Mayflower Marina, Plymouth, UK. Cpt. Asia keeps sailing onboard of S/Y Fanfan. The route will go Eastward, around the 3 caps: Good Hope, Leeuvin, and Horn, and back to Plymouth. According to the plan, the trip should take 200 -220 days.

S/y Fanfan is a 40-ft aluminium boat, built in 1985, and she already did the solo circumnavigation with Uwe Röttgering, in 2001-2003.

Cpt.Asia Pajkowska had already did a solo circumnavigation in 2008-2009 onboard a 28ft MantraASIA, on a route from Panama, Westward and back to Panama. Cpt. Pajkowska had already twice took part in the solo transatlantic race OSTAR (Plymouth, UK – Newport, RI, USA), onboard of different yachts, while Cpt. Uwe Röttgering, onboard of Fanfan did the OSTAR race in 2009. In 2017 Asia and Uwe won the famous two-handed transatlantic race TWOSTAR (Plymouth, UK – Newport,USA), onboard of another 40ft yacht Rote 66.

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