Monday, November 11th, it’s the 50th day of my cruise.

When asked if I do not feel alone, I have one answer; I still like my company, I have not got bored yet with myself.

The most important is that Fanfan is doing a great job!

Water, I still use the first tank (about 75 liters), as I wrote, the water stinks a little, but it passes through the filter, and the taste is ok. I still have rainwater from the previous rainfall. The second tank also has about 75 liters, and I’ve got 380 liters in 5 l tanks.

Energy, hydrogenerator and wind generator for the time being in almost 100 percent are covering the demand for electricity, so I almost do not use the engine, and I’ve got quite a large fuel supply.

Gas; here was a surprise, after 17 days the first gas bottle finished. I’ve got Camping gas, blue bottles 2.7kg. I had 5 such bottles, now there are 4 left. It’s easy to count, it does not look good. Maria made a discreet poll on Facebook, it should be enough for longer, but so what! Alek persuaded me to buy a gas heating stove (from Szymon’s experience) for butane in cartouches. I put the heater on its back, fastened it with rubber and electric clamps and use it as a cooking stove. I fasten a kettle or a pot on the stove with a wire. I’ve got enough cartouches for many weeks. When the weather gets worse, I will return to the Camping gas.

After 50 days everything onbord works, we are on 37 S, to the traverse of the Cape of Good Hope it’s about 1200 miles.

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