Asia and Fanfan are approaching the so-called Point Nemo (S 48º52”, W 123º23”), the most remote place on Earth. In order to avoid stormy Lows, Asia has to zig-zag across the Southern Ocean. Now she’s trying to avoid two Lows, with gusts exceeding 50kts. She writes: „the plan is, on Thursday night, after one Low passes, I’ll steer South to avoid another stormy Low, I will have to go down to the Latitude S 53º.”

And, all the time small – fortunatelly, small jobs and repairs have to be done: first, to repair the main, then, only recently there were some problems with the sattelite communicatnion, and now – a new problem, with loose bolts within the steering gear.

The one thing is OK, better than expected: it’s not that cold as Asia had been expecting, the temperature is 11-12ºC there, outside – and inside, of course! Asia writes:I keep wearing a good, warm underwear and several levels of different clothes, and I have a very warm American Army sleeping bag”.

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